Although regional and national specificities do exist, money laundering, the financing of terrorism and international sanctions are inherently cross-border.

This website is the first AML-Compliance website from Romania and its initial objective was to present situations, typologies, study-cases and even training materials that are specific to the Romanian environment. However, with each article that I wrote in English on various platforms, it became more and more clear to me from the comments received that many issues are simply, essentially and inherently…international. And thus, I decided to launch the website in English first. I hope I will be able to launch its Romanian version in the near future.

About me

My name is Andreea Ţâmpu. I am an AML – Compliance Specialist working in the Romanian banking sector. I have a 18-year banking experience, out of which 8 in Compliance. I earned my national certification as a Compliance Specialist in 2015 and I successfully passed the ACAMS examination in 2018.

I started my compliance career by pure happening and immediately loved it. It is impossible to get bored, it is impossible not to evolve. In an ever changing environment, from laws to money laundering possibilities and typologies, the only constant in this domain is … change.

This is why I believe that information is one of the most precious resources. A Compliance Specialist must read, must keep himself/herself informed and must not be afraid to share information, experience and expertise. This website is exactly about this – about sharing information.

I write about situations that I encounter in my daily activity as a Compliance Specialist and about my opinions on handling various issues in this domain. I want this website to be a means of exchanging views and opinions so I welcome you to share your thoughts and experience. You can also contact me directly if you have questions and I will answer you in the shortest period possible.

Yours trully,

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